How to Keep Share, Edit and Delete Your Data Safe

Mai 13, 2024 Non classé

If you’re handling sensitive information, there are a few important things to consider when posting files. Firstly, only mail people the information they need access to. This will lessen the possibility that your data gets into the wrong hands in the event of data leaks or breaches. Third, make sure you use a system that prevents unauthorised editing of files. For instance, if you’re working together on an Excel spreadsheet with someone, there are programs that allow you to make the spreadsheet unreadable while editing. This can prevent malicious or accidental modifications, and guarantees the accuracy of the numbers.

It’s also crucial to delete any data you don’t want to use and to use encryption to ensure that anyone who is unauthorized access to the data will be impossible to read in the event that it is intercepted on the transfer of data from your database to the recipient. Using platforms that pledge to keep your data safe and secure implies that only authenticated individuals can view, edit or delete it. The platform will automatically secure data as it is transferred between databases and users.

This feature provides security and peace of mind knowing your data is safe but also reduces the workload and improves the convenience of clients by eliminating the requirement to set up an online portal. As with Portal, files exchanged through Share link Safe are secured to prevent the viewing of files by those who are not authorized. They are able to access your company’s URL instead of connecting to the portal.